bhishek Bachchan With SRK In ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’

The excitement index on the show grows bigger and brighter as ‘The Game’ continues on the show Zor Ka Jhatka in Argentina. In the new Kamartod Qualifier round, Abhishek Bachchan joins the King Khan to cheer up the participants in his witty, encouraging style.
Spicing things up this time round, SRK and Abhishek decide to divide the participants into two teams, putting themselves in the driver’s seat of this game! SRK takes Raja, Krushna, Natasha and Mink into his team while Abhishek’s gang comprises of Debina, Amit, Payal, Manas and Dimpy.
This starts an interesting battle between the two superstars. The fun quotient goes sky rocketing when Kangna Ranaut makes a special appearance in the last segment of the show. After watching the ‘Dizzy Dummy’ round, Abhishek gets a bit dizzy himself. SRK comes to the rescue, cleverly telling him that he has some paper bags just in case anyone throws up!
They hit the arena singing & dancing, fully pepped up for the battle ahead. While Mink sang ‘Minka Ki Jawaani’ with a tambourine, Dimpy sang ‘Judaai Judaai’ for her beloved husband Rahul Mahajan.