Akshay Kumar Slaps A Security Guard For Son Aarav

    Recently the Khiladi Akshay Kumar switched on his action mode and slapped a security guard, who reportedly pinched his son Aarav’s derrière.

    According to a leading daily, a security guard (Bhandari) from a Juhu building was tightly slapped by Akshay, and finally kicked out of his six-year old job on the actor’s behest.

    Apparently, while Akshay and his wife Twinkle are resolute on the fact that the guard pinched Aarav’s buttocks, the guard claims to have saved Aarav’s life.

    Buzz has it that the 35-year old security guard was quickly dismissed from his job while his security agency maintains that he was simply doing his duty and preventing Aarav from entering a meter room.

    According to a dweller of The Grand Eastern Shores, Akshay and Aarav were visiting a family friend in the afternoon. While Akshay was busy conversing with some residents, Aarav wandered into meter room. Meanwhile, Bhandari spotted the eight-year-old kid walking down into the meter room and pulled him out just in time before he could touch any live wire.

    However, a few minutes later, Akshay was found roughing up the security guard.