A Bike In Gift From Twinkle To Akshay

She’s got chic style and ahem, expensive taste too. In a gesture to cheer up hubby dearest, smarting really badly, post the tanking of a certain ‘Khan’ flick, Twinkle startled the starry life force of Akshay Kumar on their tenth wedding anniversary by reportedly gifting him a custom made Harley Davidson shipped all the way from USA!

As per sources, the bike is priced at over $7000 (almost R 3.5 lakh).

States a highly placed insider, “Akshay loves bikes and has been riding the same one for years. He has always dreamed of owning a customised high end bike. This time, on their tenth anniversary, Twinkle decided to gift him the bike. It’s maroon and chrome and has specialised features.Akshay has always wanted a bike with a laidback, comfortable seat as he likes to ride with Aarav and Tina in the pillion.”

Ms. Dutiful Spouse made note of all of her hubby’s specifications and had the mean machine shipped across all the way from USA on their recent wedding anniversary.

Sources swear that ‘Khiladi’ Kumar was stunned to see the bike. Says the insider, “He immediately took Tina and Aarav out for a spin in suburban Mumbai. Most wives would think of giving their husbands something safer but Twinkle knows her guy is an extremely safe driver who would never take unnecessary risks. Whenever he’s riding his bike, Akshay wears his helmet and undertakes all the safety measures one requires for a safe ride.