Salman is the best actor (Male), won the best actor in a leading role for Iten (EMI)

It is the first of a new Bollywood week of the year is off to the best talent and films in 2010. the 17th Annual Star screen Awards was filled with fun and gala event with stars like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu, providing great performance on stage. Shahrukh Khan, anchoring the show in collaboration with Shahid Kapoor stole.

Udaan, Vikramditya-low budget films, the Motwane won the best film award. Also won the best director Motwane prize. Salman Khan were trophy Dabangg, Golden Globe Award for best actor (Male), although the best actor in a leading role in the popular SRK won the selection (Male) award for his performance of "my name is Khan.

Iten Balan best actor undoubtedly won the (female) for his performance in Ishqiya and Katrina Kaif, won the best actor (female), a popular choice for her role in the film Raajneeti. At the beginning of the year award for best artist award went to Ajay Devgan, who starred in three films that hit last year.

As expected, Ranveer Singh, Baaraat, and the band Baaja + fame won the most promising newcomer (male) award and was inducted into the Sonakshi chart of best debutante Dabangg '. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION (ISO) (b) in the case of Salman Khan hugged