Bollywood VS Hollywood

If Hollywood has it, so does Bollywood. Read on to see who makes it as our desi Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Brangelina. Cool

Aamir Khan and Johnny Depp walk hand-in-hand when it comes to being perfectionists. Morphing their looks and projecting their character across all platforms is what these two actors are best at.

It's the Big As that lead the alphabet in movie-land. Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino, both former Angry Young Men, are still collecting at the box office and award shows. What would either “wood” be without them? We don't even want to know.

Bollywood + Katrina was an instant chemical reaction, just as Scarlett was over in Hollywood. Both are touch-a-finger-to-their-picture hot and while you may never watch a movie to hear them speak, just looking at them is enough.

You don't get to be the Badshah of Bollywood for nothing. Who qualifies as the Badshah of Hollywood? George Clooney – hmm. Will Smith – uh huh. Tom Cruise – maybe. Or better yet – put all three of them together and you'd approach something close to the phenomenon that is SRK

Both caught on the wrong side of the law more times than we would like to count, Mel Gibson finds his Indian counterpart in Salman Khan. From tales of rage to drunken driving, these are the big bad men our mommies had warned us about. In fact, we think Salman just might be badder than the lately beleaguered Mel.

You met the perfectionists, now meet our idea of perfection. Hrithik Roshan and Hugh Jackman can act, dance, fight and everything else in between. They are the men that romantic novels are based on Cool

Bronzed and beautiful, the bootilicious Bipasha and Salma are our definition of sex goddesses here on earth!

Allowing for the difference in height, there's no disputing who the power couples of filmdom are. Love

When Saifeena got together, comparisons to Brangelina were inevitable. They are, after all, one of the most talked about star couples in their respective neck of the 'Woods'.

Perfect 10 Deepika is as bodacious as Hollywood siren Jessica. And both are just a little bit lacking in the talent department.

Female hearts on both sides of the globe beat faster for Khan the Younger and R Patz. Their chocolatey good looks and boyish charm qualify as this generation's hunkiest stars.  Kiss Kiss Kiss

They break the beauty mould and they bodies made for sin. Love ‘em or hate ‘em - there is something about Shilpa Shetty and Eva Mendes that makes them unique among a sea of cookie cutter pretty faces.

Party girl Sonam Kapoor looks to be well on her way to being the desi Paris Hilton. Sonam's movie career is fast being overshadowed by her activities off screen. We recommend that she quickly wire her brain to her mouth before she ends us irreversibly Hiltonized. Tongue

Intensity isn't the only thing these tall, dark and handsome men have in common – both are loners and refuse to cruise the scene, doing as the other heroes do.

Kareena Kapoor and Rachel McAdams are the new generation of actresses to watch and both exchanged their longtime beaus for respective co-stars Saif and Michael Sheen

Kajol is yet to do an Erin Brockovich but her talent is no less inspiring than Julia's. Both carry with them the fun 'girl-next-door' air and, selective about their choice of films, they keep us begging for more!

Vidya Balan meets her match in Renee Zellweger. Any role, or lack of one, will be taken to a whole different level by them. They had us at hello.

Khiladi Kumar defines the word action. His level of macho, testosterone driven charm and general alpha maleness can only be matched by Agent 007 himself – Daniel Craig.

They know that a little dress and killer heels are a girl needs to grab those eyeballs – and more! Malaika Arora Khan and Victoria Beckham are the high-heeled mums every man wants to get to know.

Bubbly and bright, we think Preity Zinta's soul sister is the adorable Drew Barrymore

Ranbir's talent and appeal remind us of a certain Mr DiCaprio. As do his string of love interests and inability to commit. We'll be watching to see how our prediction turns out...

Cam's had years of practice at being the girl every other girl wants to be. Our pick for a desi Charlie's Angel – the long legged Priyanka. It's all about the attitude.

Could we possibly do without our daily fix of John-Matthew six packs and dimples? The answer to that is a resounding No. dance

Both Rani and Kate proved that brilliance exists independently of beauty. The Reader and Black were all about sheer talent. These are the ladies that give the word “actress” a good name.

Take a look at their bikini bodies and you'll know why we think Lara and Jessica go together like sugar and spice everything nice!

Better known for their body parts than for their talent, both Pammy and our girl Mallika have crossed over to the other's territory. Pam had a shortlived stint on the Bigg Boss house and Mallika had an even shorter fling with Hollywood. When it comes to getting attention, nobody does it better than these two ladies. Evil

Eclectic action heroes, Sylvester Stallone and Sanjay Dutt are the Super Mario Brothers of celluloid.

Baddies of the world, watch out – here come the robot-like Arnie and Sunny. And since Arnie's already played a robot, Sunny had better hurry up and do a Terminator as well