Top Ten Hot Bollywood Wifes

This is a countdown to the hottest wife in Bollywood. Stars have married, divorced and re-married but these are the wives that have been sizzling, hot and always in the news. These ladies have not only been behind their successful man but endured in times of downfall and have always been on their husband's sides.
10-Natasha Khan
Natasha Khan is married to the handsome hunk Fardeen Khan. Her mother Mumtaz had worked in many movies with Feroz Khan making them good family friends hence Natasha and Fardeen have liked each other almost since their teenage years. Natasha has always wanted to come into Bollywood and soon intends to do so. Right now she's at Number 10 in our countdown.
9- Mana Shetty
Wife of Sunil Shetty. Is a wonderful lady and has never been into the news that much. she has always known for her charming personality and has supported Sunil Shetty through thick and thin. No wonder Sunil claims to love her immensely.
8- Seema Khan
This sexy, beautiful and talented wife is a very famous fashion designer. Sohail Khan's wife has been designing for a long time now and is renowned. She's extremely good friends with Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar and Farah Khan.
Sohail's Family has always supported her by walking the ramp for their favourite bhabhi.
7- Bhavna Pandey
This Bollywood bombshell is the wife of the tall and handsome Chunkey Pandey. Bhavna always wanted to enter modelling but since she belonged to a reserved bachground, was never allowed. But Chunkey being the loving husband has always supported her with bhavna's career.
6- Suzzane Khan
We all know about Zayed Khan's sister, Suzanne Khan, wife to Hrithik Roshan. Both were friends for a very long time as they studied together and tied the knot as soon as Hrithik entered Bollywood. When Hrithik is busy shooting Suzanne interior designs. She's already a mother to an adorable son and is expecting again. All in all a perfect example of beauty with more beauty.
5- Kiran Rao
Kiran Rao met Aamir Khan on the sets of Lagaan. Both geled well and decided to tie the knot. Kiran Rao is famous for her creative intelligence in the film fraternity and Aamir is a complete perfectionist. This combination is a deadly one. Kirao Rao created waves of media publicity when Aamir announced his divorce to get married to her. Our most talked about wife at number 5 is Kiran Rao.
4-Aishwariya Rai Bachchan
Former Miss World and considered as the most beautiful living woman in Indian Cinema marries the Legend's son Abhishek Bachchan. Affair with Salman Khan moves on to Vivek Oberoi and all of a sudden we hear her tying the knot with AB Baby. Strange but it sure got her in to the media limelight.
3-Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika Arora is well-known for her hot and sizzling body. She's got a perfect to-die-for figure. She got married to Arbaaz Khan but marriage did not hinder her career. Today's she's a mother to a son but a successful model. She has created a niche for herself in the industry and is definitely one the hottest wives.
2-Twinkle Khanna
Behind ever man's success if a woman. Yes we've all heard that. But this is a true example of the above statement. Akshay Kumar had been in the industry giving us a long list of Khiladi films doing stunts and romancing his ladies but as soon as Twinkle comes into his life we see a 180 Degree change in Akki's career. Twinkle has given Akki all the support and love possible and is today one of the hottest Bollywood wives. When Akki is shooting Twinkle works as an interior designer and has designed homes of some famous stars the latest being Rani Mukherjee.
1- Gauri Khan
The Number 1 Spot goes to the undoubtedly hot Gauri Khan. She has been with SRK since they were both going to college, and has truely been on his side through thick and thin.
She's got a perfect dressing sense, a good figure and is envied by many. She recently shocked the audiences by appearing on Vogue's cover looking absolutely ravishing.
Besides being the producer of Om Shanti Om, a record-breaking highest profit making movie in her kittie has made her not only a threat but powerful also.