Veena Malik Celebrates Her Birthday With Ashmit Patel Quite Cozily

Veena Malik celebrates her 27th birthday with her “so called” best friend Ashmit Patel at Delhi’s five star hotel. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel were the Guests of Honour at Nyx for a grand celebration of Veena Malik’s Birthday. This was the first birthday party that Veena Malik celebrated in India, complete with a cake cutting ceremony at 12 midnight, accompanied by the cheering crowd. The party went of with DJ Akbar Sami’s rocking music.
As the two cosy up after the cake-cutting, Ashmit says he can’t label their relationship. “If she wants to hug me or hold my hand, she will - people can talk all they like. She’s special to me. There’s a big ‘if’ to what happens next.”
Veena Malik adds, “There is something very special between us, a very strong chemistry, Ashmit really made my birthday very special by coming down to Delhi.”