Kangna Ranaut Is Pissed Off

Kangna Ranaut is truly irked with the mischief creators buzzing the mediavine. Reportedly, the actress is hopping mad with all the stories doing the rounds as regards her allegedly rotten behaviour. The actress and her PR have been steadily carping to the scribe tribe that a certain clutch of people from the industry are constantly slandering Kangna.
In fact, Kangna’s PR executive has taken matters a step forward and has threatened legal action against periodicals that delight in supporting negative buzz over Ranaut.
Earlier, Kangy told an eager media that she shared “terrific chemistry, both on and off screen” with a topline hero, who’s now ready to burst a blood vessel the instant her name is mentioned. That apart, there is talk that Kangna allegedly ill treated a staffer of hers and her attitude on the sets of a recent TV dance reality show did little to buoy her dwindling image.
A close source states that KG behaved “strangely” and that she dozed off to Slumberland backstage and later, refused to reel off her bytes to a comment hungry media. Most journos feel that rather than threatening the media… it would be better if Kangy checked her errant behaviour too.