Dead Emma Watson Hot Photoshoot

Nineteen-year old actress rocketed to the top ranking best earning actresses. Emma Watson, aka Hermione from Harry Potter Representative delivers your good money.

Emma Watson, because this film makes a series of nineteen more experienced than her colleagues, such as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker. Emma Watson did not hesitate for the hot Photoshoot for the 2011 calendar of Women's Wear Daily.

According to the magazine Vanity Fair Representation Hermione have earned the equivalent of 558 million dollars, which was among the forty most people earning Hollywood. He finished fourteenth, but the actress is the first and became the youngest ever figure that ladder to get this!

A representative of the title role, Daniel Radcliff, thanks to the Harry Potter films have earned more ranking and highest paid performers last year, finished sixth. As an actor, but he won, because the first five positions include directors. Harry Potter and the actors who have their main roles, a real gold mine.