India Fashion Week Wills Lifestyle kick off in New Delhi

After a trivial hiccup over the lack of a fire safety permit, the 15th edition of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WLIFW) Autumn-Winter 2010 got off to a flying start in New Delhi, showcasing the newest collections of India’s top fashion designers.
Kotwara, the collection named after one of Asia’s oldest Islamic dynasties, offered by Meera and Muzaffar Ali, saw models take to the catwalk in bright, playful colours and geometric prints.
Using fabrics ranging from silk, chiffon and even feathers, Meera Ali said they were appearing to challenge the notion of luxury in the world of high fashion.
The collection’s name is Greenhouse and portrays the times of today. A greenhouse is an artificial space wherever living things are grown. So the collection is a philosophy based on shapes and what is measured luxurious, said Meera Ali.
Fur is a luxury according to some but there is no fur in our collection and we are annoying to show other materials that can be seen as luxurious, she added.
Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani steered away from his usual jewel tones and tested with shades of navy, gray and cream.
Fashion was galloping and racing and everyone was doing everything and it was much westernized. I intentionally took it back to a much more modern Indian way, he added.
The WLIFW-AW 2010, hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India, will observer the participation of 130 designers and 75 of them will also be presenting shows.